a sudden burst of energy

The Bella we knew in Tirana was probably the laziest dog I have ever seen. She spent most of her life asleep, and while she was more active in the night hours, it was only a little more. Every once in a while, though, there would be a sudden burst of energy followed by a long lazy recovery.

On this occasion she took off after a car. Bella wasn't a car chaser but the little dog trotting behind her, who we called Rusty, was an unreformable car chaser. We know; we tried. We often watched, hearts in mouths, as he tore after another car, only inches from the wheels.

Rusty had his own routine. Our house looked over a patch of open ground that led to the city park. Just across from us was a small grassy mound, no more than a few feet high. Every morning he would lie on top of this mound waiting. As soon as I opened the gate his head would pop up and his tail would start wagging.

One morning when I went out he wasn't there. I spent the next few days searching the neighbourhood trying to find him. I never saw him again. We assume he chased one car too many. We miss you Rusty.

This picture was taken on 4 March 2006.

(I'm going to be away for the next two weeks and won't be posting any more pictures during that time. But Bella's story will continue when I return.)


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