hunter 2

Bella and Dougal once again engaged in the never ending quest for lizards, this time rooting around tree trunks where the lizards hid. In the last image Bella is attempting to pull a chunk of wood off the inside of a tree to get at the lizard that had scampered in behind. She succeeded; unfortunately, by the time she did the lizard was gone.

By this time both dogs had acquired collars. Up to this point we had improvised with cast-offs and even bits of rope, when we needed to secure the dogs, but on one visit back to my home town of Belfast we bought collars and leashes for Dougal and Bella. I don't remember why we picked the colours we did for each dog but when we replaced the collar Bella is wearing in these pictures it was with another red one. I still have it. Taken on 17 April 2007.


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