Tirana winters are wet, but not cold. As far as we know Bella had never seen snow before moving to the US and we were curious to know how she would react. Her first encounter took place in Wisconsin, with a light scattering on the ground one morning when we went out for a walk. She had a tentative sniff followed by a more thorough exploration. Clearly, Bella and snow were going to get along.

Later, in Chicago, were the photos in this post were taken, there was much heavier snowfall which lay inches deep on the ground and eventually turned to ice. Bella loved it. Every day she took me out for longer and longer walks in the icy cold winds. We only stayed a few days and when we moved on there was no more snow, but at least we knew that Bella would always be happy in cold places.

Strange to think that a dog who grew up on streets were the summer temperatures could be 40C and above (and who took great pleasure in lying out in the full sun) could also enjoy icy cold winters days.


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