In December 2007 we were involved in a serious traffic accident. We were hit from behind on the highway. Our car skidded and toppled over. By the time we came to a halt Bella had sustained a serious injury to her right rear paw. We sat by the road dazed and shocked until friends came and collected Bella. She went of to the veterinary clinic while we went off to hospital.

Three days later the same friends brought her back to us. She half hopped, half ran to us, tail wagging. Our Bella. The vet managed to save her paw and her toes. After many months of recovery and multiple trips to the vet she was left with a permanent weakness in that paw, but thankfully without any pain.

As a result Bella acquired her most distinctive feature - a red dog training shoe she wore whenever we went out for a walk that gave her paw protection and support. Her she is four months after the accident wearing her shoe and taking some time to smell the daffodils.


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