In April of 2008 we moved to Germany and the beautiful city of Munich. If there is a heaven for dogs it will be a lot like Munich. Americans and Brits may think they are dog lovers but unless you have experienced life in Germany with a dog you have no idea.

Bella accompanied me everywhere - on buses, trains, trams U-Bahn and S-Bahn; into every kind of shop and store; in bars, cafes, beer gardens and restaurants; even to the local zoo. Everywhere she went she was guaranteed a warm welcome, a bowl of water and often a handful of snacks.

We were fortunate enough to live by the English Garden, the main city park that stretches from near the centre of the city out to the northern suburbs. No leash laws here; Bella and the many other neighbourhood dogs were free to roam as they pleased.

In the picture above Bella is standing in front of the Bavarian State Chancellery in the Hofgarten. Even in these formal grounds dogs were free to wander. Taken on 23 May 2008.


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