a day in the park - our pack

Even though the main park in Tirana was only a five minute walk from our house I don't think the dogs ever went there before they met us. Their entire world was limited too the few streets of our immediate neighbourhood.

As they got to know us they started to look for us when we came out of the house. Dougal and Rusty would come running; Bella would come ambling along if she was in the mood. It seems they had adopted us into their pack so where we went, they went. Since we went for regular walks in the park they became regulars as well.

This picture of Bella, Rusty and Dougal was taken on a Sunday morning, hence the crowds on the nearby path. The locals were occasionally unnerved but generally entertained by the crazy foreigners and their gang of street dogs.

Taken on 26 March 2006.


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