the friends of my dog

Bella was never an unfriendly dog but nor was she very sociable either when it came to other dogs. Most she ignored; those who crossed her she attacked. It's hard to believe that a gentle dog like Bella could be aggressive but when provoked she could be frighteningly fierce. I never saw any dog take her on a second time.

There were a small number of other dogs she got on with. Two of them I have already introduced - Dougal and Rusty. There was one other member of Bella's small pack, a dog we called Sampras. In this and the next two posts I'm putting up some pictures of the each of them. They were all great dogs in different ways.

First, I'll introduce you to Sampras. Sampras was an older dog, clearly she had had pups in the past but had also been part of the same neutering scheme as Bella. Initially Sampra was very timid and we had the clear impression that she had been badly treated and abused in the past. Despite her gentle nature there were certain times when she she was rush at people barking and snarling and she was quite a big dog.

We never managed to work out what provoked her attacks. We thought at first it was people carrying large bags or sacks and thought perhaps that someone had taken pups from her in the past in this way. We also noticed that the people she went for were all Roma. Whatever the particular trigger, we never knew when she was going to attack. Over time I was able to stop her, but nobody else could.

Despite this, there were a number of people in our neighbourhood who were fond of Sampras - they called her Jona - and treated her with great affection.
Taken on 4 March 2006.


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